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No Boundaries, Beginner's 5k (Couch to 5k)

Kristin Hatcher aka The Stellar Athlete

Coach Kristin Hatcher running happy and strong!

I’ve played soccer most of my life and always viewed running as a means to an end (i.e. warm up, as part of the game, etc.) and not something to do for fun. In 2013 a friend suggested that we run the Tacoma City Turkey Trot and I thought…“Why not?” While I was unable to run the entire time, I had so much fun that the next day I signed up for the Santa Runs Tacoma 5K. When 2014 started I set a New Year’s resolution to run a 5K a month with the hopes of being able to run the entire race. For the year I ended up running 16 5Ks, a 3.5 mile obstacle mud run, 2 10Ks, and my first half marathon! Needless to say I’m addicted and can’t wait to share my love of running with others!

Half and Full Marathon Training

Need for Speed

Coach Marylee Martucci aka The Girl-On-The-Go

USATF Level One Coach

Coach Marylee Martucci running happy and strong in the Poulsbo Half/Full Marathon!

I am a latecomer to running. Growing up I never fully appreciated my parents’ love of the sport. Although I ran occasionally for years, it wasn't until I moved to Dubai that I jumped in with both feet. On a whim I decided to join the Dubai Creek Striders, a local distance running club, for their weekly run. I wasn't sure if I could run the entire 10 miles, but I finished with a smile on my face. I was hooked!  I became a student of the sport and began working with a running coach. With the support of the running community and structured training, I realized I am a runner.  The only limits are those I place on myself. 

 I ran my first marathon in Chicago in 2013 where I qualified for Boston.  Crossing that finish line, I fell in love with the challenge and spirit of the marathon.  You can find me training on the streets of Tacoma and exploring the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest.  My sights and heart are on future goals, and I am running to achieve my dreams!

 I love stepping outside my comfort zone, chasing PRs and the thrill of lacing up to toe the line at races.  Above all, I've come to appreciate the journey more than the destination. As it is in life, the real beauty of running is being present and finding joy and freedom in the moment.  I am excited to be a part of your running journey.

In the wise words of Dr Seuss, "Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." 



Alex Lesher, Half/Full Marathon

Elizabeth Hansen, No Boundaries 5k, "It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

Lawrence Bradley, No Boundaries 5k, "All things are difficult before they are easy." -Thomas Fuller

Lawrence Bradley re-enacting at Fort Nisqually

Kriss Schatza, Half Marathon, "The miracle isn't that I finished, it's that I had the courage to start"

Matt Wood, Half/Full Marathon,  "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." -John Muir

Matt hitting the trails!

Zach Zimmerman, Half Marathon, "I used to think that I would never run a half marathon.  Well that eventually happened.  Then I said I would never run a marathon.  Well eventually that happened.  My advice to you is, "enjoy the journey."  It will hurt at times, and be hard.  But it is an awesome experience."

Guest Appearances:

Adidas Running

Elite Physical Therapy


Gear and Store Support:

Angela Mastrorocco, Store Expert and Manager (NoBo, Half/Full)

Paul Morrison,  Boston Guru and Store Owner (Boston 365)

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Program Start: Have you ever thought your running a 5k? What about a Half or Full Marathon?
Program Fee: $100 to $150
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