"NoBo or GO" Story

  Who would have thought that I would enjoy this running thing?  Yes, I’m the one that says there’s no one chasing me so why? ….and don’t I have enough to do  already?  Sound familiar?

 Well, at this year’s Summer Social for my Cross District business group I eavesdropped.  I listened in on a conversation about     Fleet Feet.  It sounded interesting, what is it? That’s how I met Janna ~ a total energy package and my journey began.  I have been very lax in a healthy routine so this may be what gets me off the couch. It’s funny how opportunities catch you when least expected…..
Coach Janna invited me to find out more about Fleet Feet and their No Boundaries Program.  I attended that first orientation meeting with about 20 to 30 others.  Looking around to take in the group make-up; we covered the entire spectrum of fitness. I felt comfortable yet still unsure of what was to come.  Fleet Feet representative and coach from their Bonney Lake store and Coach Janna with the new Tacoma store explained the benefits of learning to run properly, safely and injury free. They introduced all of the mentor coaches and Dr. George of Proctor Chiropractor.  They told of previous groups they had coached to accomplish their 5k goals with this 10 week program.  Their sincerity encouraged me, I knew then this is a challenge I wanted to be a part of.  The first group picture happened that night and my new family began to bond!
Twice a week, throughout the program, we met to hear from experts who taught us to breathe effectively, warm-up properly, how to build a strong core, good nutrition ~ a total awesome package!
Week one our challenge began with a 1.5 minute run and 2 minute walk 4 times. Sounded easy, but in about one minute my nose began to run more than my feet and it was tough to catch my breath. The walk part was hardly enough to let me recover; it was a real challenge for me.  I looked forward to each training day though, twice a week, because we all got just a little bit better each time. The four cross training days helped mix it up to keep everything in balance.  Building my stamina and leg strength also is helping me with my original goal of getting back on my bicycle after way too many years.
Here we are at Week Ten (OMG!) and tomorrow is my first 5k. I cannot thank the Fleet Feet Team enough for this journey.  Coach Janna, Stephanie, Sabrina, Kelly and Rob ~* No Boundaries has helped me discover many things about myself that I had never thought possible. I am strong and determined when I put my mind to it; it’s never too late in life to set new goals, accomplish new things and most importantly joining the team is the “best thing” I have done for myself in a very long time. Running does change everything!

 Thank you Fleet Feet!  

 Beth Torbet

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