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I heard the calling to become a runner in elementary school while completing a report about three-time, Olympic gold medalist Wilma Rudolph.  A few years later, I began an 8-year career as a student-athlete competing for my high school and college cross country and track teams.  I retired my competitive shoes after graduating from college but continue run and race for fun.  I have raced distances ranging from the ¼ mile to the ½ marathon.

When I started running it seemed so hard.  Before my first high-school cross country season, I picked out a super cute pair of running shoes that were completely wrong for my feet.  During my first few weeks of running I got terrible blisters and shin splints and I struggled to keep up with my teammates.  The more experienced runners made me stick with it; they would talk and laugh the entire run, meanwhile, I would be in the back of the pack gasping for air and fighting to keep up.  Once, I purchased the less cute but correct pair of shoes for my body (Thanks Fleet Feet!) and started adding some strength training to my routine, running got easier and soon I was the chatty one.  Over the years I have stuck with running because of the friendships and community that I have found through the sport.  Some of the best and most lasting relationships in my life have been formed over miles and miles of trails and pavement.  I firmly believe that there is no better way to get fit and stay fit than to be active with people that you love to spend time with.

My goal as the Fleet Feet Tacoma No Boundaries coach is to create a fun and non-competitive environment where participants can start or continue on their fitness journey.  Whatever your reason for beginning your new fitness routine I will work with you and to get you moving and keep you moving.  Come join our No Boundaries Family!

Coach Kelly Buckley-Fleet Feet Certified

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